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Mountview guesthouse by noreen89

Mountview guesthouse I absolutely loved this guesthouse and would not mind paying the higher price to stay at this one-of-a-kind accommodation. There was the most beautiful light coming in from the huge windows and the place was spotless. I stayed in room 3 and had three nights of bliss. There was the most ...

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Clumber Park by bedknobs

Clumber Park Loving the outdoors as I do, this park is one of my favourite places to go with my partner Sterling. One day this past summer we went to enjoy the walled kitchen garden. Sterling had an idea to have a mini scavenger hunt and he hid all of these clues in the garden with instructions towards the ...

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Captains Club Hotel by annis85

Captains Club Hotel On our fifth wedding anniversary, I got the surprise of my life when my husband told me we will be staying in Captains Club Hotel. You see, Captains Club Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels here in Dorset. To experience how it is like to stay there has been on my wish list for the ...

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Highview Bed and Breakfast by candy71

Highview Bed and Breakfast Just the usual good things to say about this charming bed and breakfast in London. I stayed for only three nights but they were a great three nights and will last forever in my memory almost just because of the hospitality and comfort received. The house is small and so only a few guests can be ...

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Priest House Hotel by winnie

Priest House Hotel Okay, for those looking for rest and relaxation, I would definitely suggest a stay somewhere quiet and tranquil. At Priest House there is an abundance of all kinds of rest and I find that they did such a great job that I actually remember more about the hotel then the places I visited while ...

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Orchard cottage by noreen89

Orchard cottage When looking for a nice and quiet place to find a relaxing stay, I think that Orchard Cottage fulfilled all my needs. I was at this fine establishment for about two and half days on a tour of the area. I too, like many others, found the bathroom, bedroom and whole environment very accommodating. ...

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Purbeck Holiday Lets by candy71

Purbeck Holiday Lets No problems at this cabin location. They really have a lot of choices in terms of accommodations. There are a number different types of lodges-turned-cabins and they have a great couples and family one called the Kingfisher. We stayed there for a long weekend and it was lovely. The owners were ...

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Avalon guest house by noreen89

Avalon guest house This small guest house of Avalon has a great deal to be praised about in its name. There are a number of great things to compliment. For starters they offer a really clean, modern and chic –like rooms with all the amenities you could need. They are not a fancy, roomy, or commercial business but ...

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Blackberry Wood Campsite by candy71

Blackberry Wood Campsite Okay, so it was not an airplane, but close, it was a helicopter that is a small rescue helicopter that we stayed last summer. This place was one of the most ingenious ideas in trying to attract a different sort of niche customer base. The Blackberry Wood campgrounds were just what my partner and ...

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Walton villa guest house by noreen89

Walton villa guest house I was in Bath to visit a friend during a holiday break last winter. I had a lovely time and the accommodations here were quite superb. I loved the decorations the most. They had a lovely atmosphere that was not cluttered, the bed was not too stiff and the pillows were like falling into heaven ...

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