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  Discovered this place
Ferdin46985 tells us about:
"The touch of glamour"
created 2 years, 5 months, 8 days ago

Cinnamon restaurant

The atmosphere at Cinnamon Restaurant was exceptional. It was centrally located and for that reason, I was quick to identify it and enjoy buffet lunch. The spacious restaurant had several patrons who welcomed me delightfully to the empty table. The restaurant was colorfully colored with tasteful furnishings. The interior conveys a sense of excitement to me. The waitress was courteous and extremely helpful to me and took pride in the cuisine and quality of service. She was not intrusive but cared about my needs. The foods were so appetizing and offered an excellent value.

The restaurant combined great foods and excellent services and this is what won my heart. Even with the confusion of having to choose from the huge list of foods that were offered in the menu list, the waitress was quick to help me through. I even enjoyed their meal home at a 10% takeaway discount that was offered. The traditional Bengali worked well with my food tastes and dietary needs. The atmosphere was amazing and the people around very encouraged.
The top class restaurant offered me good rates and even the additional services that were offered to me did not come with an extra cost. I was a little shocked when the waitress failed to take the tip that I offered her but I later learnt that she was working on ethics. The beer selection did not disappoint me as well but champagne played a major role to my satisfaction.

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Inverness,United Kingdom

Cinnamon restaurant


Inverness,United Kingdom

Millburn Rd Inverness, Inverness-shire IV2 3P
+44 1463 716020

Type of Cuisine: African


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