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  Discovered this place
noreen89 tells us about:
"Ideal and quaint for a guest house"
created 2 years, 4 months, 2 days ago

Avalon guest house

This small guest house of Avalon has a great deal to be praised about in its name. There are a number of great things to compliment. For starters they offer a really clean, modern and chic –like rooms with all the amenities you could need. They are not a fancy, roomy, or commercial business but deal with the smaller and more niche customer base of couples and traveling families. They had nice small rooms that were perfectly made up and functioned great. I loved their location, they had a great view of the area and the atmosphere was really relaxed and nicely situated. I think they have a good business in their area of expertise and that they will continue to do well because they are providing budget friendly options for guest who want a more personal and homey experience, like me. I loved the owners, they were so nice to me and had a wealth of information for me and took me under their wing when I told them my plans and they helped me to figure out my itinerary while traveling in the general area. I really recommend this guest house and hope that others have as great a time as I did on my wonderful trip there.

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