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  Discovered this place
Eliza46912 tells us about:
"Paradise on earth"
created 2 years, 5 months, 29 days ago

Le Gavroche restaurant

The architecture is in deed unbelievable because Le Gavroche restaurant is amazing. The fact of the matter is that the hotel’s interior is exceptional and everything else about it is beautiful. From the foods that I ate I am so certain that the restaurant is truly a paradise in its own way. Since I am a person who usually want big I had so much expectation from the hotel and I must admit that visiting the place was worth my time. On the other hand I liked meals that were displayed on the hotel’s menu.

On the menu there was a wide variety of foods that included good salads, soups, luscious desserts, grilled meat, fried chicken and many more. Although I was not sure of what I wanted to eat because every meal was tempting, I decided to order roasted rib of French veal which was perfectly complemented with creamed morel mushroom sauce together with some sweet mashed potatoes. Later on a kind waiter selected one of t he sweetest red wines that I so much liked. I did not even mind how much whatever I ate could cost because the food was really good.

I found the place worth the money I spent and thought that next time I should take a couple of my friends to the same eating joint.Besides,the beautiful view of the restaurant and great atmosphere makes the place more incredible. Basically the experience at the restaurant was in deed worth my time and energy for that matter and am sure just anyone would like to experience the same.

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London,United Kingdom

Restaurante inamo


London,United Kingdom

43 Upper Brook Street, London W1K 7QR
+44 20 7408 0881

Type of Cuisine: African


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