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Allan362 tells us about:
"Water-fun activities to be enjoyed by everyone"
created 1 year, 4 months, 20 days ago

Parque dunas

There are a lot of different destinations and interesting attractions in Venezuela that depict historical and cultural relevance. IT is always important to view these kinds of attractions to have further information about the land you are visiting, and appreciate more their past that led to the kind of present it has today. But if you are done with all the museums, galleries, churches, monumental sites and country’s landmark, it is a challenge to figure out what else to do. Lucky me, when I was in Valencia, there was a solution for that.

For a different kind of fun, one best alternative is to go to waterparks. Valencia is proud to have Parque Dunas, a waterpark that is famous to both locals and visitors from either nearby cities, or nearby countries. The waterpark is huge in size, and due to its impressive massiveness, it was able to accommodate large number of water-fun activities to be enjoyed by everyone. Basic feature would be the swimming pools, and it will never be out in any waterpark. But of course, there is more to Dunas than pools. Gigantic slides in different colors, heights, and swirls are present, and one that is in-demand to both children and adults. There were also rides for all—rollercoaster rides, bump rides, and others. if water sport is your fancy, there is a spot there dedicated to surfing.

The park is fully equipped with facilities that make it a convenient park for everybody. There were inflated water savers, life guards were everywhere, there were comfort rooms and changing rooms, tables and chairs, lounge seats, and shops and eateries.

For the fun you deserve, head to Parque Dunas. This waterpark is not just for kids. It is also for adults who deserve to have a relaxed and winding down moments after a long week of hardwork.

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Ootoya noodle and sushi bar



Mañongo,Avenida 1
(58) 0241- 842.8907


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