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Temple bar pub by tim21381

Temple bar pub If you decided to visit the fabulous Dublin, surely you can not miss a delicious pint in the most popular pub in town. This pub is located in the heart of the homonymous district of Dublin, the center of Irish wild nights - eponymous quarter "Temple Bar", a street full of pubs, clubs, ...

Temple bar pub Temple bar pub

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Limerick racecourse by sydney46253

Limerick racecourse In the midst of sparsely populated residential areas located south-west of Limerick is the Limerick Racecourse. It hosts horse races from 1790 if I remember correctly the history presented on its memorial plaque. During the racing season you can cheer side by side with the betting addict of ...

Limerick racecourse

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Lee valley golf & country club by tim21381

Lee valley golf & country club Lee Valley Golf & Country Club is a very nice golf club. Compared to Germany, however, could be rated as expensive, but its facilities are much better than in any German courses I played so far. In all other aspects the court leaves no open wishes. All facilities and equipment are well ...

Lee valley golf & country club

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Alchemy nightclub by Allan362

Alchemy nightclub Temple bar is known for its trendiest bars and lively happenings especially as the night progresses. In my few days of leisure and holiday in Dublin, the one that became my favourite hangout place are the establishments found in Temple bar. The list of bars there seems endless and each has its ...

Alchemy nightclub

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Franciscan Well Brewery & brewpub by sydney46253

Franciscan Well Brewery & brewpub When I visited my friend in Cork some time ago, the took me to his favourite pub in this city. This place was called Franciscan Well Brewery & Brewpub and it was located somewhere in the centre of the city – I can’t say the exact location but it could be surely easy to find. Backing to the ...

Franciscan Well Brewery & brewpub

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Dublin Zoo by sydney46253

Dublin Zoo For Irish conditions and overall price level, the entry fee of 12 euros (student price) is quite affordable. You get a card on which you can see exactly where and what animals are located and what options there are available. It must be said, however, that if one decides to make the whole ...

Dublin Zoo

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The milk market by tim21381

The milk market Right across from the famous Sarsfield Bridge located in the centre of Limerick is The Milk Market. Although certainly not as a tourist planning to go to shop, you should visit this place in Limerick, absolutely. It really deserves to spend some of your free time here mostly because of its fame ...

The milk market

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Galway golf club by sydney46253

Galway golf club The place is a typical, narrow square located at the Galway’s downtown. Few cars are available but are attractive and free to rent. Overall design is very attractive for me – it perfectly matches typical scenery of Irish country side with green grass fields and small hills. There were very many ...

Galway golf club

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Guinness storehouse by Joshua158

Guinness storehouse Spending about four to five hours in The Guinness Storehouse is worth the time. I found out this when I went and visited them in Dublin, Ireland. Guinness is my favourite brand of drink and I wanted to see how they manufacture, store and brew the frothy stuff. Guinness Storehouse is located at ...

Guinness storehouse

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Croke Park Stadium by herodotus

Croke Park Stadium Croke Park Stadium was my stop in my visit to Dublin city; this is the largest and iconic sporting arena. It has been rated as the 3rd largest stadium in Europe. The main reason of visiting this stadium was to learn about the sporting and culture heritage of the country. This is a wonderful ...

Croke Park Stadium

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