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Montreal old port by Tommy344

Montreal old port Since me and my friend have not seen each other for too long, I was also thrilled to see him and his wife. Being a resident of Montreal for almost three years now, they found time to tour me to the places they think I deserve to see. Before that, they agreed to meet me in the Old Port, where a ...

Montreal old port

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Montreal botanic gardens by Tommy344

Montreal botanic gardens Jardin Botanique de Montreal, or Montreal Botanic Gardens, is probably one of the most beautiful gardens that I have seen. As part of the Montreal tours, I, together with a dozen more of people who went to the same group tour that I was in, went to this garden of majestic and enchanting appeal. ...

Montreal botanic gardens

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Art gallery of ontario by Daniel356

Art gallery of ontario This gallery is one of the biggest galleries in North America with a wide size of 45,000 sq. meters. What goes with that size is the massive collection of arts of different forms on display. It is just fitting to have tons of art creations to fill such a gigantic place. Wit over 80,000 works ...

Art gallery of ontario

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Toronto chinatown by Will347

Toronto chinatown If there is a chinatown in the country I am visiting, I always include that as part of my places-to-see. For some reason, I never get tired of strolling along Chinatowns. I have seen and been to Chinatowns of the countries I have visites and always, it never fails to fascinate. That is why, ...

Toronto chinatown

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Stanley park by Jake474

Stanley park I had come to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada hoping and having anticipation I would see a lot in this beautiful country. Actually I had been invited by my good friend James for a week’s holiday. We work with James in the same company but whereas he is based in Vancouver, I am based in ...

Stanley park

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Canadian railway museum by Brian170

Canadian railway museum My sister knows that I am a fanatic of engineering, especially in old motor vehicles, airplanes and trains. When we were young, she used to engage me in toys of these types of gadgets. We are twins, fraternal but very close to one another. Veronica, that’s her name, got married and moved to ...

Canadian railway museum

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Niagara falls by Bruce168

Niagara falls I love nature and I had one major plan and thing that I wanted to do in Niagara Falls city in Ontario, Canada. I have always loved water, be it beaches, rivers, lakes, ponds and even drinking water. It has its own natural niceties and benefits to animal bodies and the world at large. Just ...

Niagara falls

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Heritage park historical village by Jeff475

Heritage park historical village My family and I had gone to Calgary for a short three day visit and it was while we were here that we came across something spectacular and very interesting. Calgary which is in Alberta, Canada, has very nice and lovely people. We were welcomed well and the friendliness of the locals made us ...

Heritage park historical village

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Bow river by Steve160

Bow river It is not that everyday everything goes as you wanted or wished for. I had always worked hard in life and had made something of myself legally. I had a girlfriend and we were set to get married but on the last stretch of things, she had been a wonderful girl, what caught me by surprise was that ...

Bow river

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Lafontaine park by Joshua355

Lafontaine park One of the most tranquil places in Montreal is the La Fontaine Park. With its vast collection of lush greens and colorful blossoming flowers, the park is beautiful in any angle and in any way you look at it. It is equipped with facilities that further make the visit to the park memorable and ...

Lafontaine park

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