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Gilmerton cove by Brian170

Gilmerton cove Really this is a must see for all who visit Edinburgh in the United Kingdom where we had gone with my family at the invitation of our good family friends, the Smith family. I do quite a lot of travelling and since we were in the United Kingdom, Mr. Smith thought it best that we visit them before ...

Gilmerton cove

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Penrhyn castle by tim21381

Penrhyn castle In the middle of the forest, surrounded by hills, lies this magical medieval castle. To be exact, the Penrhyn Castle is situated in a valley, so you need to walk from the car park to the castle, the distance is about 1 km, the way there is a steep downhill, the uphill return journey accordingly. ...

Penrhyn castle

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Caerau uchaf gardens by candy71

Caerau uchaf gardens The people who run this garden, Stephanie and Toby, are truly great hospitable hosts. When I arrived with a friend to do a day in the gardens, they met us at the entrance with a warm greeting and told us about the history of the gardens after enquiring whether or not we had ever visited ...

Caerau uchaf gardens

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Camera obscura by doctor-who

Camera obscura During a weekend visit to Edinburgh I decided to visit Camera Obscura. I was heavily impressed by the huge amount of things to do here, as a sort of interactive museum it is highly entertaining with some amazing illusions to be seen.

The rooftop view gives a nice panoramic view of ...

Camera obscura Camera obscura Camera obscura Camera obscura

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St. govan's chapel by candy71

St. govan's chapel This was a magical spot for viewing waves crashing upon rocks right on the coastline of Wales. It featured a breathtaking walk down small steps along the top of a cliff. Right there, pushed or sitting between cliffs is a small chapel where supposedly Saint Gawain sat in his old age before ...

St. govan's chapel

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Bradford Cathedral by Nancy46473

Bradford Cathedral Bradford Cathedral is certainly not the most stunning cathedral in the United Kingdom, but it is definately worth a look. It is beautiful inside and has a lot of interesting historical features, and you can get a guided tour which is pretty interesting. I think the best part about the cathedral ...

Bradford Cathedral

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Carsington Water by winnie

Carsington Water Carsington can be a lovely day out on the lake kayaking around with the family. We spend at least some part of our summer holidays in the Peak District and this year was no different. This past summer was a great time of year as always to go and enjoy the walks around Carsington and spread out ...

Carsington Water

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Bodnant garden by candy71

Bodnant garden The landscape of this garden is quite amazing. The opening times were shortened during winter hours but we found the 11am-3pm times enough for us to get our tour of the area in due time. It was a brisk wintery day and the colours of the land were not as bright as in Spring time I imagine but ...

Bodnant garden

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Pollok country park by candy71

Pollok country park Strolling along this area is one of the best experiences I think anyone visiting the Highlands can have in Scotland. The forest of the park was my favorite part. There was a fairy-like dense park full of woodland paths and there is a house called Pollok House that has some great sites as well. ...

Pollok country park

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City of caves (tigguo cobauc) by gobardas

City of caves (tigguo cobauc) Nottingham is a very nice place to see different things. There are many attractions in the city for tourists. City of Caves is one of the best attractions of Nottingham. I visited the city last year in summers. This was my first time to the city. The place is very clean. I visited some of the ...

City of caves (tigguo cobauc)

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