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Gareth97022 nos cuenta:
"Scenery to crave for anytime"
hace 2 años, 4 meses, 19 días


It was a party that I wouldn't wish to forget. For once I felt the value of a birthday and appreciated its existence. What made that day different from all the other parties I had had was the venue and the beautiful setting of the restaurant are well decoded and of course decorated giving it good scenery. The reception was also warm and not to mention the overwhelming attention from the stuff which included the waiters and chefs as well.

Gladly it was a Saturday and I was aiming at pleasing all my friends, and Stiftskeller was just the right place. At a first order my friends demanded for a breast of chicken with thyme ice cream, served steamed Romanesco florets and tomato rice. It was plenty and delicious too. We had fun and enjoyed our meal whilst listening to the sweet music that revealed the mood of the day. However, we also had a few drinks to go down well with the delicious meal. The red wine I must admit was so sweet that nearly everyone took two to three glasses. The day would not have gone well without my favorite dish porcini mushrooms. They do have a weekly menu day by day and it’s bound to change but the food remains marvelous. It worked for the day.

The restaurant was spacious and so my friends and I enjoyed moving around and taking a few photos here and there. We also enjoyed the cool atmosphere outside the restaurant as there were a few well-arranged tables just like inside. To add on to the whole impression, there was a pub in and therefore my friends got to enjoy lots and lots of beer. We did truly enjoy the whole event and most of my friends swore to make that their usual restaurant whenever on holiday or any other occasion


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Stiftsgasse 1-7, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
+43 512 570706

Tipo de Cocina: Regional


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