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The Bear Pub

The Bear Pub is located in very old, almost thousand years old building with a sign saying Bear Inn – so don’t miss it. It’s really worth to make every effort to get inside which could be ...

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The Mission

This is one of the best places to get cheap food if you are a college student nearby. I quite enjoy going here to fill up on my fill of beans and salsa. The ordering system is one of the best for ...

Eastgate Hotel

Estuve de vacaciones en Oxford, el verano pasado, elegimos este hotel, el Mercure Eastgate Oxford, por su ubicación y por ser de cadena que siempre te da un poco más de confianza en la calidad de ...

Bath Place Hotel
Malmaison oxford castle

University Church of St. Mary the Virgin

History really is quite amazing when visiting a place like this because we always think of everything good being in this century. But really, a lot of magnificent things were created eons ago. ...

Pitt Rivers Museum
Sheldonian theatre
University museum of natural history

The Turf Tavern

En Inglaterra es más seguro ir a comer a un pub (en la mayoría tienen comidas), que a un restaurante. Primero, porque en los restaurantes te cobran el lugar, no la comida, al fín y al cabo hay que ...

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Acorn guest house

I specifically searched for a place that was non-smoking because I have been in some pretty horrid guest houses where there were rooms that choked with cig smoke so much that my head ached the ...

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Creation theatre company

One thing that really gets me going is seeing the creativity in people’s minds. I love it and appreciate what is in it. I was in Oxford, United Kingdom and while I was here I was quite impressed ...

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Door 74

If you look for a traditional, good value restaurant in Oxford, you can consider Door 74 as your main target. This is small and cosy restaurant located in south-east district of the city, just ...

Pierre Victoire

I stayed simple and this led me to the Pierre Victoire, Oxford (United Kingdom.) I got a taste of the great tastes and beauty of creatively selected meals. The beautifully presented cuisine was a ...


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Mulberry guest house


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Costwold roaming


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The Black Boy Restautant Oxford

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