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Sam161 nous dit:
"A special aquarium that kills"
il y a 2 ans, 1 mois, 6 jours

Aquarium san sebastian

It’s rare to come across an aquarium that’s fun to visit and also worth spending your money doing something that you love. I was in San Sebastian in Spain and I was delighted to visit Aquarium San Sebastian with my family. My kids have always had something for marine life and they were clinging to everything they saw. This aquarium is excellent and we were not prepared for what we were to see. The aquarium is located at Plaza de Carlos Blasco Imaz Donostia, and has a magnificent glass long tunnel which runs through a tank where you see fishes at a very close range. They have a number of different varieties of fish breeds that they rear here, including the Seahorse fish and even sharks. Just after entry, we were directed to the second floor where they briefed us on the many types of fishes they have and stories of Spanish fishers with their types of wares and boats they used to fish with. From here we were directed go downstairs where all the fun began. The experience is almost next to real as above you, below and on the sides you get to see the fish. It’s as if you are swimming with them and also can touch them. After we were through we went and had meals from the restaurants that are located here, and they do have nice food for the kids as well.

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Plaza de Carlos Blasco Imaz, 1, 20003 Donosti
+34 943 44 00 99


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