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  Discovered this place
Bruce168 tells us about:
"Most beautiful sites of mountains in tenerife"
created 1 year, 6 months, 12 days ago

Tenerife horse riding

I will never forget this experience that my wife and I had just recently. We were in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife in Spain and what a lovely time we had. We had come back to Spain for our honeymoon as this is where we had first met, engaged and then married, all in the same country yet we are not citizens. I guess there’s some magic that attracts us to this country. This being our first honeymoon, there are a lot of memories that keep us happy about the country. We had chosen this city as we wanted to do horse riding which we love very much and also experience the lovely countryside. We had been booked with Club Hipico Tenerife and they do have a good experience of the city and surroundings as they have been around for some time doing these tours. They also offer riding lessons for the inexperienced people and children as well. Their staffs were most welcoming and friendly and knew how to handle different categories of people. We did the trekking adventures in banana plantations, orange, papaya, and mango trees before proceeding to the “moonlanscape” trails which had very beautiful and captivating views. This cannot be explained in words but it was so romantic and touching to the heart. One thing I had in my mind was that if I was given a choice, I would live here for the rest of my life. Well, we will be coming back at the insistence of my lovely wife.

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Playa de las Américas,Spain

The patch


Playa de las Américas,Spain

+34 646 807 234


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